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Gastric Bypass Surgery is carried out to reduce the size of your stomach. It is done under a general anaesthetic and usually takes between two to three hours depending on your individual circumstances.

Your surgeon will use surgical staples to create a pouch from the upper part of your stomach. A section of your small intestine is then bypassed, making it shorter. It is reconnected to the pouch so that food bypasses part of your digestive system and is absorbed less easily by the body.

Gastric Bypass surgery has the benefits below:

  • You will lose weight. On average, you will lose 70% of your excess body weight in the first 18 months after surgery.

  • You will not be able to eat large meals (restricted pouch/stomach size).

  • You will get sick from eating too much sugar and/or carbs (dumping syndrome).

  • You will absorb less calories from food (bypassed intestines).

  • You will improve and/or eliminate type 2 diabetes.

  • Medication for high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol may be eliminated.

  • Your hormones may adjust from significant weight loss, increasing testosterone and improving metabolism.

  • Long term weight loss success – most studies show that 90% of patients maintain at least 50% of excess weight loss after surgery.
  • Janet had a Gastric Bypass with Tonic. Watch her inspiring story below…