It's Possible With Tonic


If your first weight loss procedure was unsuccessful, that’s where Revisional procedure comes in.

Revisional surgery examples include:

  • Band over bypass—addition of a gastric band over the small stomach pouch formed by the first surgery, a gastric bypass.
  • Lap-band to Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS), gastric bypass or vertical sleeve gastrectomy—removal of the gastric band and proceeding with BPD-DS, gastric bypass or vertical sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Gastric sleeve to BPD-DS—the sleeve gastrectomy is the first step in a BPD-DS, so this conversion follows naturally.
  • Gastric bypass to BPD-DS.
  • Gastric bypass to longer-limb gastric bypass—this further reduces nutrient absorption by bypassing a greater portion of the small intestine.
  • BPD-DS to BPD-DS with smaller pouch size—this further increases the restrictive effects of BPD-DS.

Revisional surgery has a higher rate of complications and longer recovery time than the first surgery. Also, it’s important to carefully consider the reasons why the first surgery did not lead to desired weight loss.

Here at Tonic we understand and cater to each individual patient’s needs. We aim to support, guide and help you reach your ultimate weight goal and also offer you the best aftercare services.