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What is BariPROTECT™?


BariPROTECT™ is a bespoke and unique cash back guarantee that is backed by Lloyd’s of London insurers. BariPROTECT™ provides specialist cover against developing acute and chronic complications to private patients who undergo bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

The policy will be in place for patients who undergo weight loss surgery privately and want to protect themselves against the high costs associated with developing acute and chronic complications.

BariPROTECT™ is designed to enable patients to have weight loss surgery in the knowledge they have financial protection should they develop complications. Following occurrence of named complications, patients can receive up to a 100% cash back refund of the costs paid for the original surgery. This is a unique product specifically designed for weight loss surgery patients.

BariPROTECT™ will only cover procedures performed by accredited surgeons in accredited facilities, surgeons and facilities with a proven track record, low complication rates and good follow-up programs.

Tonic UK are the ONLY weight loss providers in the UK offering this unique worry free product to their patients, free of charge.


"I was made to feel comfortable and I was well cared for.
Totally fantastic, excellent."
Treatment Received: Gastric Band
Review from Michelle

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