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At Tonic, we understand that we cannot provide you with just a tool for weight loss and expect you to know what to do with it. Your tool, whether it be a Gastric Balloon, Band, Sleeve or Bypass is just a small part of your weight loss success. This is why with Tonic you have a comprehensive Aftercare package as standard to drive you to achieve the results you deserve.


Our specialist bariatric dietitians will offer practical dietary advice to help you to: Post operatively they will guide you through the eating stages and check that you are taking your supplements.

• Learn to eat regular meals and healthy snacks
• Measure and control food portions
• Use the skill of self-monitoring by completing a food diary to help identify unhelpful eating habits
• Using mobile apps to measure the calorie content of foods
• Offer individually tailored dietary advice e.g. gluten-free, low lactose diet
• Help you develop skills for both weight loss and keeping weight off in the long-term

Post operatively they will guide you through the eating stages and check that you are taking your supplements.


Our psychotherapists look after your mental well-being as you embark on this journey. They will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, look at your eating patterns past and present and prepare you for the changes you will need to make. You may have questions yourself that the psychotherapists can help you with; they may help you to relax if you have any anxiety. Our psychotherapist can teach you different techniques to help you cope with different kinds of situations.


Our lifestyle & fitness coaches will get you moving. They will integrate fitness into you own life and teach you different techniques about how to continue with life in a positive, healthy manner post weight loss surgery.

Specialist Bariatric Nurse

The specialist nurse will support and advice you before your surgery. She will explain the pre liver diet and answer any questions that you may have. She will discuss with you what to expect during your hospital stay, the surgery, the healing process and medications.
After your surgery, the specialist nurse will ring you to check on your progress. She will advise and support throughout the initial few days after your surgery. She will encourage, reassure, answer questions, and help you return to your normal activities.


You never get left without support. Your monthly call from Tonic continues for 2 years, as does the weekly supportive newsletter. What’s more, you are able to call Tonic for support and guidance for 5 years after your surgery and your clinical appointments with the surgeon also continue for 5 years. We hear many non-Tonic patients who feel left out in the cold after surgery with little or no help, nowhere to turn to for support. Here at Tonic we go above and beyond to make sure you are treated as one of the family and supported along your journey.


We’ve partnered with babylon to offer you access to 24/7 GP services.

With babylon, you’ll be able to book an appointment in seconds to video chat with top doctors, so you can quickly and conveniently get help and hassle-free medical advice and prescriptions. Rather than waiting weeks for an appointment with a GP, babylon can usually offer you an appointment in minutes.

Why use babylon?

Unlimited video appointments, 24/7 Book an appointment in seconds and speak to a qualified GP in minutes. Check your symptoms quickly and easily Use the app to check millions of symptoms and get fast, clear advice 24/7.

Medical advice wherever you are

Appointments that suit you at home, in the office or when you are travelling abroad – all you need is a reliable internet connection and your phone. Easy prescriptions Pick up your prescriptions from your local pharmacy or benefit from free delivery in the UK.


We’ve gone one step further – we have created a website dedicated to weight loss surgery and support. It’s full of information, guides and recipes to help your journey. It’s a secure place to find and talk to like-minded individuals on the same WLS journey as yourself. Make friends in secure chat rooms – find them on the interactive map – follow in the forum – you will always have friends here. WLS is also great for those moments of uncertainty – the times when a coffee and a chat and more useful than medical advice! You can also access medical professionals to answer the more technical questions. You get 1 year free access as a patient of Tonic.

Chauffeur Service

All patients of tonic are extremely important to us and we understand what a life-changing decision WLS is for you, which is why you only deserve the best. Our chauffeur will collect you from home and take you to the clinic on the day of your surgery. It helps you stay calm and relaxed and not have to worry about driving, parking and finding the clinic.

Tonic Portion Control Plate

Every patient of Tonic receive a complimentary plate to help with portion control after surgery. These are sought after plates and are currently only available as a patient!

Tonic Saving Stamps

To help save for surgery – or any other procedure including cosmetics – we have our Tonic Savings Stamps scheme. You, your friends or family can buy you a Tonic Savings Stamp from £50/£100/£200/£300/£400/£500 and will be added to your online stamp book. It’s the easy, non-finance way to save for your weight loss surgery.

As you can see from the content above, we at Tonic pride ourselves on our second to none aftercare package. Our highly qualified and skilled team will guide and support you through every stage of your journey until you reach your desired goal. Whether you have had weight loss surgery here in the UK or overseas and feel as though you need the support of our compassionate, caring & motivated team, then look no further. Contact Team Tonic today and we will be happy to provide you with our aftercare package.

Post Operative Care Pathway

This is a guide to help you understand the patient pathway; however, it is subject to the individual’s requirements. It is important that you understand that you must contact any member of the team should you need more support.
You can contact us by Telephone, E-Mail, WhatsApp and Text Message.


"I was made to feel comfortable and I was well cared for.
Totally fantastic, excellent."
Treatment Received: Gastric Band
Review from Michelle

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